Welcome to my world

Hi, I’m Lumbini
a Portrait Artist

AKA Leo, a dedicated pencil artist. With my skilled hand, I intricately create portraits that bring out the essence of my subjects, capturing their emotions on canvas. My work goes beyond paper, inspiring heartfelt narratives. Join me on a journey where graphite breathes life into art.


Why me

Completely like you

My drawings mirror exactly what you provide me.

As Scheduled

I deliver timely final drawings, guaranteed punctuality without any delays.

Draw with a smile

Drawing is my hobby. I happily draw whatever you provide, enjoying every moment of it

Reasonable price

I provide an unmatched, reasonable price, surpassing other artists in value for your investment.

Manipulative Arts

I have the ability to combine various photos into a single, unified drawing.


I customize drawings to match your preferences and deliver them just the way you desire.

it’s completely like you

My Drawings

what people say

Happy Snaps


Ms. janangi Senarathna


Charcoal Pencil Art


All I can say is wow! And of course thank you for drawing such an amazing charcoal pencil sketch.


Yudara & Naveen


Graphite Pencil Art


Received a breathtaking pencil drawing gift from a talented friend. A truly meaningful present that reflects our deep friendship. Immensely grateful for this remarkable artwork!


Kumeshi Samarasinghe


Graphite Pencil Art


Thank you Leo for this beautiful pencil art 😍💕


Contact With Me

Lumbini Bimsara

Portrait Artist

I am available for freelance work. Connect with me via and call in to my account.

Email: wazzup@lumbinibimsara.com

    "With my pencil, I can make amazing things that seemed impossible before."